​Challenge: Meditate for 15 minutes ​daily

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​Why meditate?

​Meditation can have a profound effect on your health and emotional well-being. Recent studies from Harvard University show that meditation not only reduces stress, improves memory, and increases our capacity for compassion, it actually changes the brain. Meditation is a practical tool that anyone can learn to use to create inner peace. You can achieve some of these benefits by meditating as little as 10 to 15 minutes daily.

Here’s what you get when you sign up for ​the 30-Day Meditation Challenge.

​Each challenge comes with a downloadable PDF-fillable workbook that includes space to write journal entries, and a 30-day calendar to track progress.
​B​efore you Begin Guide
You ​receive a recommended list of meditation teachers and apps that can guide your journey.
​Daily Email Prompts
Once you sign up, you will receive daily emails with prompts, resources, and inspiration.
​Private Facebook Community
You’ll be invited to join our private Facebook meditation group, where you can get support and share experiences.
​Lifetime Access
You can return to the Challenge at any time by using the Workbook and participating in the Facebook Community.
​​This Challenge will motivate you to create a meditation practice that leads to inner peace and a healthier lifestyle.

​How will the Challenge​ help me meditate?

​Think of ​this Challenge as your meditation coach. I'll provide you with daily activities that will inspire you and support your meditation practice. You'll discover meditation teachers and apps that work best for you, create a pleasant environment and ​routine, become more mindful of the present, and practice loving kindness. Sign up today and begin your mediation practice ​tomorrow!

​What's included in the guided Challenge?

​You will receive a PDF-fillable Workbook that includes space for you to write journal entries. Plus, you'll receive a printable 30-day meditation calendar t​o track your progress. When you join the Challenge, you will be invited to become a member of our private Facebook meditation community​, w​here you'll find daily inspiration and motivation. You will receive your first daily email tomorrow  - expect daily emails for the next 30 days. Finally, you receive lifetime access to the Challenge so that you can ​jumpstart your meditation practice any time you like.

How is the Challenge organized?

We add variety to your meditation practice by presenting the Challenge in three parts:

  • ​​BASICS (days 1 – 10) focuses on creating consistency in your meditation practice.
  • MINDFULNESS practice (days 11 – 20) includes some fun activities that will increase your level of awareness and appreciation.
  • LOVING KINDNESS meditation (days 21- 30) features techniques guaranteed to generate greater love for yourself and others.

​​Is there another way to take the Challenge?

​You can ​take the challenge independently by ordering the Kindle book​. However, you won't have access to ​workbook/journal, calendar, or Facebook community.

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