​Challenge: Meditate for 15 minutes each day


​Why meditate?

​Meditation can have a profound effect on your health and emotional well-being. Recent studies from Harvard University show that meditation not only reduces stress, improves memory, and increases our capacity for compassion, it actually changes the brain. Meditation is a practical tool that anyone can learn to use to create inner peace. You can achieve some of these benefits by meditating as little as 10 to 15 minutes daily.

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​Does the Challenge include guided meditations?

​Yes. The​ Challenge includes audio tracks of guided meditations. You can download the tracks and meditate whenever you like.

​How is the Challenge organized?

We add variety to your meditation practice by presenting the Challenge in three parts:

  • ​​BASICS (days 1 – 10) focuses on creating consistency in your meditation practice.
  • MINDFULNESS practice (days 11 – 20) includes some fun activities that will increase your level of awareness and appreciation.
  • LOVING KINDNESS meditation (days 21- 30) features techniques guaranteed to generate greater love for yourself and others.

​​Is there another way to take the Challenge?

​You can ​take the challenge independently by ordering the Kindle book​. However, you won't have access to guided meditations, bonus materials, or the support community.

​FREE Resource

Before you Begin guide

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