Would you like to take a Challenge on your own time?

Then check out our Challenge books on Amazon’s Kindle store. Each book is specially formatted so that it can be read easily on a tablet. The real challenge is NOT peeking ahead…you’ll want to take this one day at a time.


Grab a 6-pack of 30-Day Healthy Challenges and you’ll be on your way to a more energized and happier you in no time at all! Meditate. Eat healthy. Sleep better. Practice kindness. Walk. Now that’s a great recipe for transforming your life today! Oh, did I mention the 6-pack will save you a bundle?

Meditation Challenge

The 30-Day Meditation Challenge is a companion to your meditation practice. The Challenge includes information and activities that will lead you through basic meditation practices, introduce you to mindfulness, and enrich your life with loving kindness meditation. Inside you’ll find inspirational quotes, advice, and fun activities to bring your practice into your everyday life. Come along for the journey!

Sugar Challenge

​The 30-Day Sugar Challenge will inspire you to slay the sugar dragon once and for all. You’ll create a personal plan that will lead to success. The Challenge walks you through detoxing your body, changing your habits, eating mindfully, conquering special situations, crystallizing your habits, and visualizing a healthier you. You’ll feel great by the end of the Challenge!

Kindness Challenge

The 30-Day Kindness Challenge offers stories and essays on kindness through a historical lens. Day 1 starts with an essay from 1873 and each day we leap forward five years, ending in the year 2018. The Challenge will guide you on spreading kindness throughout your community. Have fun with this one!

Million Dollar Challenge

​The 30-Day Million Dollar Challenge will walk you through 30 days of resources and activities that will help you create a personalized plan to build a net worth of $1,000,000. And it includes advice from 15 of the most popular personal finance bloggers. You CAN become a millionaire. Stop dreaming. Start planning!

Sleep Challenge

The 30-Day Sleep Challenge includes resources, advice, and reminders that will improve your sleep habits. And in this World Edition, each night you can enjoy a bedtime story that transports you to a new and magnificent destination. The Challenge uses visualization techniques that envelop you with feelings of contentment and relaxation as you prepare for sleep.

Salad Challenge

The 30-Day Salad Challenge will help you go green and reap the benefits of eating healthy and nutritious salads. In addition to daily recipes, tips, shopping lists, and motivation, the Challenge encourages mindful eating practices to help you make better choices and appreciate the nourishing and healing powers of food. The variety of tastes and textures will keep you anticipating your next best salad.

​Walking Challenge

The 30-Day Walking Challenge introduces a variety of walking styles, from interval walking to meditative walking. In addition to encouragement and guidance, the Challenge features a world-famous hike each day. Learn about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, the magical Inca trail in Peru, the Cinque Terre National Park trails in Italy, and more.

Surprise Challenge

​The 30-Day Surprise Challenge will help you appreciate each and every day. You’ll get 30 days of instructions and activities designed to bring you happiness and joy. Since it’s a surprise, I can’t give you the details!