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Why 30 Days?

There’s no magic about 30 days. Sure, the first 30 days of change are the most challenging…but if you can manage 30 days, you can make a habit “stick.” This is totally DO-ABLE!

So join us on the first of each month to make positive changes in your life.

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​Each month we rotate through a series of FREE 30-Day Challenges. I repeat the most popular challenges and add a new one every now and then. Here’s the scoop:

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​What if I want to drop out of a Challenge?

​We don’t demand perfection and there are no penalties for dropping out of a Challenge.

Change is hard and sometimes the time just isn’t right for you. Or the Challenge might not be your “cup of tea.” No problem! You can unsubscribe from a Challenge at any time.

​What if I miss a Challenge or want to take it at a different time?

​We’ve got you covered! If you miss one of our FREE Challenges or you just want to take it on your own time, the Challenges are available at the Kindle store on Amazon.

Individual Challenge guides are priced at just $2.99. You can SAVE BIG by buying our 6-Pack of 30-Day Healthy Challenges ($8.97). Visit our Kindle Books page to see all of our offerings.

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