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Why 30 Days?

There’s no magic about 30 days. Sure, the first 30 days of change are the most challenging…but if you can manage 30 days, you can make a habit “stick.” This is totally DO-ABLE! Join our challenges and start your journey today. 

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Our ​Challenges will motivate you to ​keep your ​resolution and build a healthier (and maybe wealthier) lifestyle.

What if I want to go at my own pace?

Each Guided Challenge comes with a Workbook, which includes daily prompts and space for you to ​add journal entries. So if you want to go faster, you can. If you want to take some days off, ​just pick up where you left off. Make the Challenge work for you!

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​Is there another way to ​try a 30-Day Challenge?

If you'd rather take a Challenge independently, we offer them as Kindle books. And this is the only way to access our "retired" challenges:

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